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Botox®, Jeuveau, Daxxify and fillers and other neuromodulators are excellent, noninvasive ways to beat the clock and enhance your facial appearance. At Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology, LLP, Alyson Yashar, MD, FAAO, Mary Mendelsohn, MD, FAAO, and the caring team of aesthetics specialists are ready to help you look better instantly. Book your appointment by calling the office in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, or using online scheduling now.

Neuromodulators & Fillers Q & A

What is a neuromodulator?

Botox, Jeuveau and Daxxify is an injectable neurotoxin that temporarily relaxes lines and wrinkles in your face. Neuromodulators are a very effective line and wrinkle treatment for the following areas.

Glabellar lines

Glabellar lines, also sometimes called 11 lines or frown lines, are the lines between your eyebrows. These two vertical lines can make you look like you're always angry.

Forehead lines

Forehead lines are above your brows. These horizontal lines develop when you raise your brows, but as you age, they might not go away. 

Crow's feet

Crow's feet are the lines at the outside corners of your eyes. They commonly develop because of squinting and smiling.  

Your Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology provider carefully administers Botox in a pattern designed to reduce muscle movement, which smooths away your lines and wrinkles without giving a frozen look. 

How long does this last?

On average, Botox and Jeuveau keeps treated areas smooth for 3-6 months. Daxxify can last an average of 6 months.  To maintain best results, simply schedule follow-up treatments before the neuromodulator's  effects wear off completely. 

What are fillers?

Fillers increase volume in specific parts of your face using injectable gels that mimic your skin's own natural support structure. These injectables can help with many different problems and issues, including: 

  • Deep facial folds
  • Midface volume loss
  • Cheek contouring
  • Lip lines
  • Lip shaping 
  • Lip plumping

Fillers take effect immediately, so you can leave the Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology office looking far younger and more refreshed than you did when you arrived. Dr. Yashar and the medical aesthetics team discusses your concerns and helps you decide on a filler treatment plan that works for you. 

How long do fillers last?

Fillers generally last anywhere from six months to two years. Life-span can vary according to the particular filler and treatment area. 

Do neuromodulators and fillers hurt?

Treatments have minimal to no pain. If you are sensitive to pain, Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology offers topical numbing before the treatment. 

For all aesthetic treatments, please call Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology directly to book your appointment.