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Millions of Americans struggle with dry eyes today, and it’s particularly common in men and women over the age of 50. At Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology, LLP, Mary Mendelsohn, MD, FAAO, Alyson Yashar, MD, FAAO, and the experienced ophthalmology team understand the underlying causes of dry eyes and use today’s most advanced testing and treatment solutions to relieve your dry-eye symptoms. Call the office in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, or use the online scheduler to get comprehensive dry-eye care now.

Dry Eyes Q & A

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

Chronically dry-feeling eyes are usually only one problem when you have dry eyes. Other types of serious eye irritation typically include:

  • Hot eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Grainy-feeling eyes
  • Mucus strings around your eyes
  • Crustiness on your lashes
  • Blurry vision

You could also have continually watery eyes, a reaction to eye inflammation. Unfortunately, it’s not the multilayered tears that nourish your eyes. Healthy tears have oil, mucus, and water layers, but tearing caused by dry eye irritation lacks mucus and oils, so does not relieve the dryness, so the tearing continues. 

What causes dry eyes?

In around 86% of cases, dry eye is caused by meibomian gland dysfunction. Your meibomian glands — around 30-40 in each lid — release oils directly to your eye surface. 

These oils are a crucial part of your tear film since they prevent evaporation. If you have meibomian gland dysfunction, a blockage or malfunction prevents the release of oils, causing dry eyes.

Some of the other possible causes of dry eyes can include systemic illness like rheumatoid arthritis, living in a very dry climate, and certain medications. 

No matter what the cause, the Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology team can diagnose the problem and relieve your dry-eye symptoms. 

How does the doctor diagnose dry eyes?

Your ophthalmologist at Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology examines your eyes during a comprehensive eye exam to diagnose dry eyes. 

Typically, LipiScan® is extremely helpful in dry-eye evaluation. LipiScan is a simple diagnostic test that images the state of your meibomian glands, in high definition. 

How is dry eye treated?

Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology offers comprehensive dry-eye care according to the underlying cause. In most cases, LipiFlow® therapy offers significant dry eye relief. LipiFlow uses Vector Thermal Pulse Technology™ to gently massage and heat your eyelids, which boosts your meibomian gland oil release. 

With LipiFlow, you don’t have to take medication, and won’t have to rely on constant lubricating eye drops for dry eye relief. Your Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology provider applies anesthetic eye drops to ensure your comfort during the short LipiFlow treatment. 

If your dry eyes aren’t related to meibomian gland dysfunction, your ophthalmologist customizes a solution for you. This may include eye drops, tear-gland plugs, or surgery for severe cases. 

Call Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology or book online to get treatment for your dry eyes today.