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A comprehensive eye exam is a vital checkup for your eyes, and it’s important to have an expert team in charge of your care. At Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology, LLP, Mary Mendelsohn, MD, FAAO, Alyson Yashar, MD, FAAO, and the experienced ophthalmology team evaluate your ocular health, vision, and every aspect of your eyes to ensure peak eye health and function long term. Call the office in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, or use online booking to schedule your appointment today.

Comprehensive Eye Exam Q & A

When should I schedule a comprehensive eye exam?

How often you schedule a comprehensive eye exam depends on your age and health. Your Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology provider recommends an exam frequency for your needs. 

In general, both children and adults need comprehensive eye exams every 1-2 years because eye health and vision can sometimes change rapidly. If you have diabetes or other health conditions that may impact eye health, you could need more frequent comprehensive eye exams.

With regular comprehensive eye exams, you can help maintain great vision, monitor eye changes, and guard against eye problems.

Is vision screening a comprehensive exam?

A vision screening, like the ones conducted at many schools, is essentially a basic test of vision problems. Vision screenings don't take eye health into account at all, but they can identify problems like myopia. 

If your child fails a vision screening at school, they'll need to have a comprehensive eye exam to determine exactly what prescription they need, and whether they also have underlying eye health issues. 

What can I expect during my comprehensive eye exam?

The Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology team evaluates your medical history as well as your specific eye history so they can tailor your comprehensive eye exam as needed. Your exam typically includes all of the following. 

  • Visual acuity tests like eye charts
  • Prescription check
  • Pupil function tests
  • Peripheral vision check
  • Ocular motility (eye movement) test 
  • Eye pressure test
  • Front-of-the-eye exam
  • Retina and optic nerve exam

Depending on your test results, your Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology providers may also perform other tests like optical coherence tomography, topography, fundus photos, or fluorescein angiography. These additional tests can help your ophthalmologist diagnose problems like glaucoma. 

Do I need eye dilation for a comprehensive eye exam?

Yes, you'll typically have eye dilation before your exam. Eye dilation is quick and easy. It involves a few drops in your eye, which opens your pupils wide enough for your ophthalmologist to see all the way to the back of your eye, where the retina and optic nerve are. 

Your comprehensive eye exam can give you peace of mind about your vision and eye health. To schedule your eye exam, call Woodcliff Lake Ophthalmology or book online now.